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  • Shangri-La



    I honestly love the fact that Isabel Sandoval knows it her world. She’s gonna make movies and pop her pussy in them every chance she gets—and you're gonna watch, and you're going to love it. That’s how good her work is.

    Bringing sex and the gaze back to cinema!

  • The World to Come

    The World to Come



    Another period film with white queers as lesbian Abigail (A bottom) and Bisexual Tallie (A top) fall in love and try to forget their husbands exist. This film had all the elements to be great. Magnetic lead actresses, interesting score, excellent direction--to ruin it with the likes of Casey Affleck, male screenwriters, and a third act so dark and ghoulish it negates what you've watched before it. I cannot believe I had to watch…

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  • Cuties



    This movie is pure insanity. Disturbing as hell, don’t let this marketing fool you. With that said I’m giving it 4 stars. This film challenges you to think about how individuals and the media sexualizes young girls, especially the adultification of young Black girls.

    I really don’t care what you think about this film before even seeing it. You watch films and consume media where women and young girls are sexualized every day, but when a film from a Black woman director shines a light on the issue and makes you sit in your discomfort, you want to boycott. F**k outta here!

  • Ammonite



    I remember last year when I was begging for Neon to up the marketing on Portrait of a Lady on Fire and market it to queer audiences. Instead they wanted to market it to a wider audience. Many didn't know it was a queer film until word of mouth spread. It was never marketed as a romance, which is what it is.

    This year, Neon applies everything I wanted for Portrait, to Ammonite--a film that is the very antithesis of…