Booksmart ★★★★


The hype didn't convince me when this film was in theaters and for once I wished it had. This a greatly structured popcorn comedy that eases you into these two comedic goldmines. I was thoroughly surprised at how great this film is. The movie takes us through the lives of two High school grads who attempt to get a little crazy and wild as they head off to College the next morning. The insanity that ensues is absolute juvenile hysterics. The chemistry between these two leads is just Grade A. Olivia Wilde's direction is felt, and she somehow is now a force in the directors chair. The usage of different pop and hip hop songs interspersed throughout certain scenes is perfectly edited, adding just another layer of laughs. Great soundtrack too.

All in All, Booksmart is a slapstick comedy that manages to stay grounded and smart (no pun intended). It's well acted, it's wonderfully written for our millennial times - even though four different people wrote this script and that's obviously way too many cooks - and Olivia Wilde proves she can direct a hell of a good time.


"Best Films Of The 10's"

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