Suspiria ★★★★½


A typical Guadagnino film involves texture and feelings. You can reach out and touch the scenery and rub your hands through his atmosphere. This was no more prevalent than in Call Me By Your Name, or even A Bigger Splash. You can always just feel a Luca film, it’s tangible shit. Suspiria is cold. It’s calculated. It’s deliberately distant and icy. There has never been a horror film shot quite like Suspiria. It feels like a student film. Sloppy, fresh, novice. At the same time it also exudes mastery. A complete control of the tone and frames. At over 2 hours, it always feels tight, compressed, especially inside the dark halls and dance halls surrounded by mirrors. It’s a unique film, especially I think within the confines of a horror flick. For that, this film deserves high praise not just for surface level art, but a revelation of horror unprecedented. Luca need not stop directing the spooky stuff.


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