Moebius ★★★★

Alright so I'm fucking down for films without any dialogue now. I wasnt sure before but between this and 3-Iron, I'm honestly fucking astounded I was ever in doubt. Every Kim Ki-Duk film I have seen thus far has had at least one mute character and this one takes that to the extreme with literally not a single word spoken in the entire film. We rely solely on the performances of the actors, which are incredible and just off kilter enough to be unsettling while still remaining grounded. I mean for fucks sake in the first ten minutes the mother cuts her sons dick off and eats it... so I knew this was going to be a fucking incredible, transgressive ride, and it was even better than I thought it would be! Kim Ki-Duk has a very unique vision and his films are richer for it. I need to watch more Korean films. I've been slacking!

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