Tenet ★★★

Definitely needs a rewatch before I can sort my thoughts on out on it. There was a major audio problem for me (not sure if anyone else agrees) so many scenes the background music was so loud I couldn't tell what the characters were saying half the time, especially when they have masks on or talking with an accent (which happens a lot)

It felt a bit disjointed and rushed from one location to the next so we can learn a bit more exposition each time. That continues for half the movie until I feel like we get into the real meat of the story.

I liked it but I wouldn't be able to explain the plot to anyone coherently. I'm sure I missed a bunch of plot points that I couldn't hear. For now i'm giving it a 6/10 until I rewatch and have a better understanding of the world and what was given to us. The cast all-round were great. John David Washington is always a treat to see on screen.

Do I recommend Tenet? Of course! It's a Nolan movie and the first 'big' movie since March. You see it and make your own mind up.

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