• Stutz



    I'm not crying, you're crying.

  • Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

    Weird: The Al Yankovic Story


    Over the top, doesn't take it self seriously in the slightest. Absolutely hilarous and most certainly true to his life story 😆😆

    What a fucking laugh!

  • Grimcutty


    This movie is ass.

  • Carnifex



    Weak, dull and uneventful. How is this getting a theatrical release?

    There was a whole lot of nothing happening.

    This movie needed another edit, or rewrite or something! The director in his Q&A seemed quite unenthused, quite a few questions he palmed off to other production members.

    The whole thing seemed a mess, could have been much better with some more care.

  • Ribspreader



    Small low budget as fuck gory movie made in my small city. Absolutely hilarious and over the top.

    The main character went from acting in smoking commercials in his younger years to detesting anyone who has a ciggy later in life.

    The cigarette smoking of people around him makes him go absolutely bonkers and he starts hacking people open with saw blades.

    Entertaining to the extreme and AUSSIE as fuck!!

    Keep an eye out in the future if it ever plays at some horror festivals outside of Australia. You'll get a kick out of it 😃

  • Please Baby Please

    Please Baby Please


    Please Baby Please as a whole didn't really capture me.

    However Andrea Riseborough was absolutely stunning. Every single scene she was in enamoured me and I'd highly recommend any fan of hers to check this out.

    Harry Melling? Fantastic. The dude has been picking all these unique side roles lately, I love it. I'm excited to see his career advance if his future is anything like his past few years.

    If you're into quirky, out there queer cinema and films like West Side Story and Blue Velvet then add Please Baby Please to your watchlist!

  • Black Adam

    Black Adam


    Random thoughts:

    The don't give a fuck attitude while Black Adam zaps the shit out of people was pretty cool.

    They really made the characters van look like the Mystery Machine?

    I'm for the most part really into the soundtrack.

    That Atom dude just looks like Antman in a black Deadpool suit.

    I'm loving the score, giving me God of War vibes to the extreme.

    The villain looks like a Mortal Kombat character 💀💀

    Am I watching Black Adam or…

  • Wog Boys Forever

    Wog Boys Forever


    They made a 3rd movie farken. If you like the other two then you'll like this farken

    They managed to find the worst actors in Australia farken. Some of them were just saying monotone lines farken.

    Some funny jokes farken. Along with the cringe ones too farken. Kinda balanced out farken.

    They've definitely outstayed their welcome farken but I can say I still enjoyed the stupid shit farken.

    I'll never get tired of the farken, farken.

    They farken made farken a Wog Boy trilogy?? Farken!!! Never thought I'd see the day they had to resort to that! FARKEN!

  • Disney's FastPass: A Complicated History

    Disney's FastPass: A Complicated History


    Who knew a 100 minute video about Disneys Fastpass could be so captivating.


  • Smile



    Smile was actually much better than I expected.

    The down your throat marketing made it reminiscent to that shitpile Truth or Dare. (It was much better)

    It had some solid tension and scares oh and the two creatures at the end... well one was really cool and the other? Well as I quote the two girls leaving behind us "Michael Jackson with long hair"

    I'd say Smile was closer in premise to It Follows. We've seen this done a million…

  • Meet Cute

    Meet Cute


    It's really not hard to impress me with a movie about time travelling and romance however Meet Cute fails in almost every aspect.

    A majority of the movie is Kaieys character just going back in time every single day trying to fix this guys life because shes so depressed with her own.

    I don't know what they were going for it but it did not work at all.

  • Brahmāstra Part One: Shiva

    Brahmāstra Part One: Shiva


    First Indian movie at the cinema

    Over the top action ✅️
    Dance numbers ✅️
    The only white people in a packed cinema ✅️
    The screaming and hollering crowds I was hoping for ✅️
    An asian dude next to me who didnt look Indian explaining to me at different points during the movie which actors are married in real life ✅️

    Got the experience I wanted!