Tenet ★★★★½

the coolest movie of the decade so far. 
self aware nolan. john david washington is perfect for this, kenneth brannagh is fucking hilarious and robert pattinson is the sickest sidekick ever. i wish there was like 8 of these cause i’d love to see how the protagonist establishes tenet and just more confusing cool shit.

the second half of this movie is fucking madness 😭 i wouldnt necessarily say that it falls apart but wow is it overwhelming and confusing AS FUCK. 

somehow this movie feels like nolan at his most loose while also challenging himself at the same time. 

i really feel like john david washington is one of our best action stars. this is really where he shines. he needs to be our keanu reeves. his line deliveries are super awkward and he works best when you give him a gun and he runs around fighting and shooting people.

i’m glad that the black james bond movie is this fire.

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