Midsommar ½

From watching this and Hereditary, I've managed to put together a list of things Ari Astor thinks are scary:

- naked old people
- facial disfigurement
- mentally ill people
- wooden rooms (??)
- women

I actually think this is one of the worst films I've ever seen in all honesty. I'd call it empty if it wasn't for all the misogyny and ableism. I always try and find something I like in even the worst movies, but for this I'm coming up empty. Chidi from The Good Place saying "unethical" raised a smile I guess? We'll give it that.

Devoid of tension, dread, or any feelings whatsoever (aside from smugness), Midsommar feels like it's been made by machines fed with 'prestige' films. Chekov's Gun? gotta put as much of that in as possible. Match cuts? lots of those please! Symmetrical, static shots? Constantly! Long takes? Yeah I heard those were an intrinsic sign of quality.
Astor's a true hack. A pretentious aesthete with a youtubers understanding of film and storytelling. Like if One Perfect Shot had a baby with CinemaSins.

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