Upgrade ★★★★

2018 Ranked.

Surprisingly great and very enjoyable. Upgrade doesn't tackle topics and themes that we haven't seen before, but it definitely does in a manner that is consumable and interesting enough to make you go "hmm", while wrapping it up in an otherwise very entertaining revenge flick. The films greatest strength is in it's action direction and choreography; the way the camera remains centered with movement feels like it would get old very quickly but no, the action is crisp and smooth and tightly choreographed within a wide frame, and the camera style adds a very enjoyable flair to it all that definitely worked out. The story itself isn't perfect, there are definitely some plot holes there and there, but it all feels organic despite it all, and most importantly, the films pace, focus, and rhythm never feels off, at least to me. The films twists, are great, again, even if not perfect, and it's ending is just perfect and morbid. I also feel like noting that one of the villains, Fisk, is just great and I loved the actors portrayal of this ultra-hateable man with a superiority complex that remained intriguing in a sort of simple way.

While the film does have some narrative holes and it's quips and themes of technology aren't brand spanking new, it's occasional and subtle critique of technology can be consumed and appreciated, and at many times it's pretty horrifying and inspiring. Upgrade functions superbly well as a simple sci-fi action revenge flick that has some story depth if you look for it, and though not perfect, it's a very entertaining and enjoyable ride throughout that is definitely worth a watch.

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