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  • Big Little Lies: New Lies

    Big Little Lies: New Lies

    good-but-worse-than-s1 for everything except the finale which was complete shit I’m so sad I am so depressed. Release the Arnold cut! Bonnie’s arc was robbed!

  • Possibly in Michigan

    Possibly in Michigan


    ok im literally obsessed... this is kinda the scariest thing ive ever seen but also not but either way this is better than anything that the first bitches to make a horror film could dream of

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  • The Perfection

    The Perfection

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    there was an idea and a concept here but the execution was so like...disgusting to me like i dont know how i was supposed to watch those scenes near the end without feeling viscerally terrified and disgusted that anyone would write this and think it was a good movie. the revenge aspect came in too late for it to be satisfying. the weird fast-forward cuts to previous events were obnoxious. the final shot of them both playing the cello was…

  • Dear Ex

    Dear Ex


    heartbreaking but hopeful, elevated by its dreamy score and color palette and maybe my eyes hurt from crying..