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  • Red River

    Red River


    Great movie that is insanely homoerotic ("checking out each other guns", sure thing buddy) and has a great conflict of old, narrow minded and fasicst vs a soft but stern, young leader to hang itself on. A bit on the long side, but it's good to ink out the spectacle and every inch of melodrama. Good god is montgomery clift hot too ooof

  • Detour



    This dude not only makes himself feel down bad, he just gets downright atrocious. You feel sorry for him

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  • Penis Boy

    Penis Boy

    Repulsive movie made by one of the most annoying clout chasers on the internet. Really wants to be the safdies but ends up being like a edgy newgrounds cartoon without any of the awkward charm that surrounds those. Pathetic

  • Empty Metal

    Empty Metal


    Movies are kind of afraid to outright say that a call for violence is necessary for a revolution, only to hugely hint at it, to make it within a plot device for a story central to only a few characters. This movie just says outright that violence is necessary for change, that in able to enact systemic change that we need to kill capitalism and the police, the systems that control, which is such a stance to just, present without…