Speed Racer ★★★★

A visual masterpiece, one that seems to visually challenge the strength of realism and push towards the more abstract, being very clear that it relies more on the extravagance of cartoons rather than real life. The Wachowskis continue undercutting capitalism, showing the corporate figures and their lie, and their absolute disdain for allowing sporting events to be decided by money instead of actual talent. Where this movie lies the trouble to me if that I feel it could be a masterpiece if it committed to the genre elements fully emotionally and taken it seriously, something the matrix trilogy displays at its best. However, the comedy in this seems to be apparent of its era at best, and at its worst, completely stopping the emotional (kind of), visual and political aspects of this movie. Cut those out, and you may have a masterpiece. Keep them in, and you have a solid movie with one of the most impressive visual endings in cinema as well as emotionally resonating (something the Wachowskis are incredible at).

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