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  • An Evening With Tim Heidecker

    An Evening With Tim Heidecker


    Probably the best and most consistent hour of standup of all time. Tim will go down as a figure of Andy Kaufman stature, on the Mount Rushmore of comedy, and this may well be his masterpiece. While many of his still classic spoofs over his career have been of arguably sincere and undeserving media, standup comedy is a truly rancid form here hollowed out with truly searing DEAD ON parody. While the poor Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie called into…

  • Demons



    Really solid, Coenesque drama. Not much of a horror movie on paper, in that there are no demons nor any unknowable human madness, and as such that it actually embodies some real horror is truly impressive. The dread is thick and the deaths are grisly, but that the horror is a thematic abstraction while still stoking fear is the most impressive thing. There's generosity for every character even through their misdeeds, but it matters not. "The real horror is protocapitalism",…

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  • Caché



    This is from an assignment from my Art Philosophy class, hence why I mostly talk about the opening shot. I got an A.

    I often argue for the importance of context in art, and this is one of the ultimate uses of it in film. The opening shot of Michael Haneke’s brilliant film Caché is at first mundane, then terrifying as it recurs throughout the film. It didn’t need to be artfully framed to serve its purpose perfectly and at…

  • R.I.P.D.



    I still haven't seen Seven Samurai.