Aftermath ½

(quick disclaimer, I didn't choose to watch this, but I do keep an open mind with all movies, and have loved horror films of all quality levels)
Where to start, the one personality that's stretched across every character, the poorly written and executed script cobbled together by writers that clearly needed reminding every 25/30 minutes they were writing a horror and not a bland relationship drama, or the hilariously lazy set design moments for the keen eyed viewers that were looking over the shoulders of the cast for something of even slight interest, rather than a different screen altogether.
Somewhere in there I'm sure there's a slightly interesting plot, that if written with any love or care could have at least made some decent 'made for TV' viewing experience, but here we stand in the 'made for streaming' era instead, where every quirky writers' low-mid budget movies are shot with little more than mobile phone screens in mind, and delivered where acting seems a lost art, and actors stir only images of their own self absorbed, mirror rehearsed line reading.
The scares are executed in a way that kills the immediate fear they should play on, where even jump scares would be a less cheap trick and a more welcome feature; many shadows exist on the edges of shots at moments the cast are being stalked by the mysterious figure in their home, but instead of materialising into their space in a way that can at any budget raise hairs, a quick cut is made to a textbook approved shot of some dance class level 'spooky choreography'... It's safe to say this misses the mark with its fear factor, only worsened where the characters are hard to care for and the plot is served so clumsily, spoonfed in places and simply forgotten about altogether in others. The film ends with many loose ends, but thankfully not even remotely in a way that begs for a sequel, just in a way that stays consistent with the movie it caps off, disinteresting and anti climactic.
I can't speak for how loyal it stays to its 'based on true events' tag since I haven't done the research, nor do I feel compelled to by this movie, but I doubt it delivers on that front either.
What is the true Aftermath of this film? disappointment.