Behind the 'Scream'

Behind the 'Scream' ★★★½

A nicely done featurette with an easily digestible runtime. Sure, this trilogy deserves hours upon hours of discussion, documentation, and worship, but there's no harm in a small, atmospheric feature that breezes over the mood of the films and their behind the scenes energy - it's low on trivia and detail, but it's heavy with conveying the filmmaking and on set experience they had.
Kevin Williamson seems more comfortable in his interview segments than he often seems to be while discussing Scream, which was a lovely side of one of my favourite horror writers to see.
Behind the scenes footage, outtakes, and interviews are presented in a welcoming way that invites you to have this glimpse into the development of the trilogy we all know and love.
It's alot more focussed on the first film, and then gives less time for each sequel, but nothing feels left out, each gets it's well deserved credit here.
Not only capturing the mood of the movies, but also the time they were freshly set out as this cultural phenomenon, Behind the Scream is a pleasant little feature that is both informative and inviting, and a must for Scream fans!