Marchlands ★★★½

So ok, it's technically a miniseries, but I watched it in one sitting, and I don't see anyone excluding the stand from their Stephen King movie shelves.
This feature, both in length and in content, tells three stories all in some way linked to a tragedy of the past and its struggle, even beyond the grave, to be revealed. Secrecy and lies around this death are many and the emotional ties between the vast cast of characters is well tested and worn, something very convincingly delivered by the cast here. You really feel for the characters throughout, and want to reach the yearned-for truths they are trying to uncover.
It is very light on the horror that it is marketed as, but given it is a series made for TV it is expectedly more mild on that front... the drama, intriguing plot, and emotional depth makes up for much of it, and supernatural events keep the dark theme going strong enough.
To be consistently good within a single story where you have a period piece, a modern day part, and even an in-living-history side to it is clearly a struggle, but they largely overcome these shifts in tone where you are both emotionally invested and interested in each of the 3 chapters, and of course how they tie to eachother.
Marchlands tells a story that pulls you in, and on the journey towards the truth it is stylish, heartwarming, bittersweet, and it sounds and looks great. Whether episodically viewed or done in one sitting as I found myself doing, this feature is sure to entertain, with a mystery that is a pleasure to work out through the eras, I loved it!