The Burning

The Burning ★★★★½

When something as simple as choosing a movie is made as hard as it is by yours truly, anniversaries make the whole affair alot easier - and this was one well worth celebrating!
It's a crazy, almost perfect slasher movie that pulls together the best talent with a simple but totally effective and compelling story. From start to finish this is a brutal movie with a depth to it that only makes it all the more thrilling and terrifying. This is spooky campfire horror storytelling personified!
A score by music legend Rick Wakeman dresses gorgeously shot scenes of a lush natural setting, which can become a place of nightmares just as quickly at the change of the tone - every decision put into this face of the film is calculated well and gets a grip on the tension levels, which just keep on rising.
Tom Savini was on his best game here, and the practical effects are stomach turningly well executed, as is the design for Cropsey himself. From the city to that raft scene to the insane climax of the movie, there are countless perfect horror sequences that keep the blood flowing and the fear growing.
Todd's development as a character from the flashback right up to the present is interesting and adds weight to the significance of everything that's going on. He is played by the delicious Brian Matthews who really sticks out as the hero of the film, amongst so many morally questionable, or just immature characters. Woodstock and Dave provide the comic relief and are given great performances that feel human and relatable, light-hearted and fun - they really seem like good friends to have.
The Burning is a classic and has aged well too, a time capsule back to the glory days of the slasher sub-genre which easily rivals many a Friday the 13th movie... It's strong and memorable even as a standalone film, and compliments those sorts of movies of the era nicely.
A guaranteed horror classic, The Burning is an actually frightening film that tells a great story, and has me jumping out of my seat and my skin with all of its 100% perfectly done scares. Slasher gold, this movie is an experience that very horror fan has to have... Go watch it!