The Chill Factor

The Chill Factor ★★★

"I hadn't realised what an obnoxious bitch you really are Karen" - well that line aged like a fine, fine wine.
So it's no secret that this movie suffers from some sub-par acting and wooden writing, but the main cast hold their own well enough once things get going, and the story has its moments of greatness too. There was alot of creative potential here and a respectable amount of it was certainly realised.
The Chill Factor is a unique-blend horror, where enough horror elements we know and love meet in ways they haven't before, making the end product a surprisingly original movie. The slasher structure, but supernatural plot was interesting in a snowy setting, and keeps you guessing until the last act. It's 'cabin in the woods' horror like you've never seen it too. The story and legend it builds up is fun to follow but nothing life changing, it does the job and builds the tension.
The score/soundtrack has it's sweet spots, but is no Carpenter spine tingler... Again, it does the job.
The gore effects are few and far between, but all pleasantly gruesome and well done. It's a fairly tame film in the grand scheme of things, but there's no doubt it's a horror movie, no matter how distracting the setting can sometimes be for the genre. Here the snowy setting adds to the isolation and claustrophobic side of the cabin... An off season summercamp slasher/haunt?
The narration style storytelling opens the film feeling incompetent from a filmmaking angle - a good story poorly adapted for the screen - but by the end my opinion was changed, different approaches like this can make for more memorable experiences with a technically limited film. That outro narration gave me the chills (pun fully intended)... "A part of me wanted to know where the real world ended, and the dark world began"
The Chill Factor - it's no masterpiece, but if you give it a chance to settle in beyond it's uncomfortably delivered poor opening, it has a nice little horror story to tell. I can't recommend it as highly as many other movies of its time, but giving it a chance with an open mind can be rewarding for any well seasoned horror lovers looking for something different.