• Halloween



    There is truly nothing I can say about this movie that hasn't already been said, heaps of praise repeated deservedly a million times over.
    This is the perfect slasher movie.
    God knows I've seen this film my fair share of times, and it's easy to get wrapped up in all of the behind the scenes trivia, sequel tie-backs, and full memorised chunks of the script when watching something as classic as this, but if you completely, totally, let yourself experience…

  • Episode 50

    Episode 50

    I really wanted to enjoy this more than I did, and hate to give bad reviews, but I honestly can't in good faith give this more than a single star.
    It falls flat on so many fronts, even the most simple mechanics of this found footage flavour aren't realised here, and it's full of missed opportunities.
    The entire film is built on exposition, it's very overwritten and poorly adapted to a more visual storytelling that is film - it feels…

  • Mountaintop Motel Massacre

    Mountaintop Motel Massacre


    This is not a main event movie, but it sure is a perfect film for a cozy, stormy night in under a full moon and candlelight, to tell a quiet, engaging, but straightforward horror story.
    At the beginning it's harder to get on board, the editing feels rigid and uninspired, simply telling the story with a shot by shot flow that feels 'sceneless' and slow - but once that core story is laid out so matter of factly, the stage…

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    Happy Friday the 13th!
    So not even a month after I last watched this movie I'm back, but not without good reason, I had the opportunity to see a late night screening of this classic in cinema for Friday 13th.
    It was as great experience to get to see it on the big screen, so I had to do more than just log it... but having reviewed this so recently this won't be a proper review of the film.

  • The Cop Cam

    The Cop Cam


    A very brief horror short that takes on the found footage approach, it doesn't waste time with plot or character development where it's realistically not needed - this is simply an exploration of a creepy setting by camera, and an exercise in tension building. This is realised well enough and though not perfectly executed, it's a respectable brief slice of horror that keeps the threat of a jumpscare high throughout.
    Nothing mind-blowing, it's still a fun horror short worth any found footage geek's time!

  • The Cabinet in the Woods

    The Cabinet in the Woods

    Surprise, I'm watching horror short films again, and this one feels like it.
    I mean there's definitely a funny idea in here somewhere, I just feel like they were a bit too confident with that one on the nose joke it's built around, and rushed through the rest of it in the hopes that it would be enough to hold it up... Unfortunately that's not the case, where most of the pleasure you'll get from this is in the admittedly…

  • Fireworks



    14 bizarre minutes of gay 1940s psychosexual horror at 3am? Here we go again.
    On camera sure it's ahead of its time, but the themes it's putting across are more timeless, and even beyond the gay context here it's a dark depiction of the conflicts between us and our own subconscious thoughts, and the horrors this can birth in our dreams.
    The expression this has in this short film deals with inner conflict around sexuality and deviation from social norms…

  • The Collection

    The Collection


    Ok so it's not as strong as the first, but when are sequels ever as good as the original. Saying that, this is a solid continuation of the Collector story, which vastly expands on the mythology surrounding him, mostly in ways that build well on the character.
    The element of mystery is expectedly corroded by this second helping, so the tension and fear is lower here, but the character remains a threatening force of evil that's no doubt horrifying to…

  • The Collector

    The Collector


    My mind is blown.
    How I've taken this long to finally give this film a chance is beyond me, and underrated doesn't even cut it here - This movie is exactly what modern horror could and should be, but rarely dares to be.
    The film is as stylised as it wants, and totally pulls off colours and lighting that most movies couldn't get away with, the NIN-esque soundtrack plays to the same effect too. It totally works. Insect-like camerawork compliments…

  • The Chill Factor

    The Chill Factor


    "I hadn't realised what an obnoxious bitch you really are Karen" - well that line aged like a fine, fine wine.
    So it's no secret that this movie suffers from some sub-par acting and wooden writing, but the main cast hold their own well enough once things get going, and the story has its moments of greatness too. There was alot of creative potential here and a respectable amount of it was certainly realised.
    The Chill Factor is a unique-blend…

  • The Burning

    The Burning


    When something as simple as choosing a movie is made as hard as it is by yours truly, anniversaries make the whole affair alot easier - and this was one well worth celebrating!
    It's a crazy, almost perfect slasher movie that pulls together the best talent with a simple but totally effective and compelling story. From start to finish this is a brutal movie with a depth to it that only makes it all the more thrilling and terrifying. This…

  • The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

    The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon


    "can you endure 20,000 spoonfuls of terror?"
    Pictures presents..."
    After the day I've had this short comedy horror gem was all I had the mental capacity for, take from that whatever you will.
    As far as horror comedy goes, this is everything a slasher subgenre nerd, or horror fan in general, could wish for.
    I won't make a full review of this as it honestly speaks for itself, but if your sense of humour is as dumb…