TÁR ★★★★½

I attended a preview screening of TAR that was connected with 6iX, a ‘golden oldies’ radio station, and the majority of the audience there were older people. I’m sure they were all excited about seeing an acclaimed Cate Blanchett movie but it didn’t take long to palpably feel their growing disinterest and unease. Right from the titters during the opening choice to feature the below-the-line crew credits for the first five minutes. Then after the first half hour, every ten or fifteen minutes a person or a couple would walk out and leave the cinema. Later, somebody accidentally answered their phone or put it on speaker, and people around them laughed loudly. After that, an older man audibly walked out, singing along to Tar playing the piano and then saying loudly, “That piano sounds out of tune!” Nobody really laughed - not as funny as the speaker phone bit, I guess. 

Anyway, this was annoying but kind of perfect in a way. This audience did not care for Tar the character nor TAR the movie. Another humiliation for Tar’s downfall. I really liked the film and Cate Blanchett was great, slinking around like some long-haired, suited, pretentious lioness, and there were two great gags in the final 15-20 minutes that really sent me spinning!

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