Scream ★★★★★

No matter how many horror movies you watch, no matter how deep you've got into the genre, there's always something to love in Scream.

It's Wes Craven at his zenith - looking back on his decades in film and commenting on his legacy. He brings techniques from both more intimate projects like Last House on the Left and Summer of Fear and higher budget fare like Elm Street and People Under The Stairs. The result is a sublime example of a master in top form, seamlessly melding genres to make a lean and unrelenting piece. Scream became the very sort of institution that all the things it references were at that point, but this movie is a tight standalone project. It's a focused burst of feminist fire that continues one of Wes Craven's central preoccupations: the societal gaslighting and subjugation of women by different forms of masculinity. Perhaps his most cogent in that vein.

This is one of those movies to check back on every now and again. Every few dozen horror movies, check back on this one. Compare and contrast and find new things to pick apart. It's one of those rare films that no matter how granular you are about the genre, it will never lose its luster.

Scream is a standard bearer for a reason and something that will never be "played." It's a Bride of Frankenstein, a Halloween, a Child's Play. One of those evergreen films that will, now and forevermore, be a vital and riveting watch.

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