Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★½

when i heard netflix announce that camila mendes and maya hawke were leading a film about two teenagers exacting revenge on people who screwed them over, i knew it was going to be good.

unfortunately, netflix is allergic to lesbians and did shitty promo for the film. i decided to promote the film on twitter. my tweet went viral. netflix, we do love films with LGBTQ+ representation. it’s be nice if y’all actually gave a shit about them.

anyways, here are my thoughts about the film. i thought it was pretty good. i didn’t think it was groundbreaking.

camila and maya were incredible though. their chemistry was so good. i never took my eyes off the screen when they were on. they worked beautifully off each other. i hope we get to see them on screen in another film or tv show in near future.

the supporting cast includes rish shah, alisha boe, austin abrams, talia ryder, paris berelc, maia reficco, and sarah michelle geller. they were all so great. i lost it when i found out that sarah michelle was going to be in this.

the film definitely had those 90s vibes with the costumes. the costumes were amazing though.

i thought it was a bit slow in the first half. it got hard for me a points to really get into it but it picked up for me in the second half. there are many surprises in this film that you won’t see coming. i sure didn’t.

i loved that we finally got to see maya kiss a girl. i just wish we got to see more of gabbi and eleanor’s relationship develop more. the duffer brothers better be taking notes.

overall, i enjoyed this film. it’s worth a watch if you have the time to watch it.

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