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  • Baraka
  • The Woman Who Powders Herself
  • The Lad Goodbye
  • I Wish I Still Believed In God

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  • The Wisdom of Trauma

  • Wedding Crashers


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  • I Wish I Still Believed In God

    I Wish I Still Believed In God

    A little over a week late on the 1 year anniversary of this pixelated primal yell.

    If you haven't seen it yet, it would mean a ton to me www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUFFbly__54&t=1040s

    Currently working on a... sequel isn't the right word.... But I've been expanding the 'character', unmasking him, and realizing some new ones. Found a way to carry the ethos of whatever this 'character' is into something fresh, true, and (what is genuinely always the aim;) cleansing.

    New project will be…

  • The Lad Goodbye

    The Lad Goodbye


    After two fantastic screenings, The Lad Goodbye is finally available to stream!

    Watch it here: vimeo.com/724077761

    I love my lads, I love my cinema, and I love you all! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!Β 


    I was feeling a little bit scattered
    But your love was all that mattered

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