Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

I don't think the filmmaking is quite as impressive as the previous film, however the dialogue and emotional weight are just as potent and fantastic. 

I may not be a 41 year old man with a boy and ex-wife in Chicago as well as a girlfriend with two kids in France, however this movie really resonates with me and I find it incredibly relatable. As I said, despite not having the same life, I see so much of myself in both characters, I feel as if I have had such similar conversations and arguments, and I feel as if I have known/still do know people like these characters that I had/have very important relationships with. Thats the appeal of these films for me, the emotional resonance achieved through such authenticity. 

The acting and writing as always are fantastic. The conversations and arguments that are had are so rich, relatable, intilligently written, and as I have mentioned, authentically delivered. 

The filmmaking is slightly different in this film, as the long takes aren't as present. This allows for some more angles and variance, but I find it a little less impressive on a filmmaking level. There are definitley some occasions of fantastic long takes but there are noticeably less of them, which is something that let me down slightly. 

Overall, this is a fantastic end(?) to a fantastic trilogy. These films may appear to be simple, and when you lay out the things these films have going for them it may not sound like anything too grand or interesting. But I assure you, the sum of these parts do add up to something that is captivating, and one of the more emotionally resonant experiences I have had in cinema. I thought this was very excellent and I look forward to exploring the supplements and director commentary on the Criterions. I think there is so much intilligence and heart put into these films, evident in the script and the absolutely wonderful performances.

Strong 8 to a light 9.

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