Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★½

This movie was pretty good! Vincent Gallo's performance was really great and he was a very entertaining character to watch. The camerawork is great as well with many interesting angles and shots. Some of the scenes and characters are horribly written, directed, and performed. Some scenes felt incredibly awkward and unconvincing and it really took me out of the film once or twice. There are also moments where I felt like the film was trying a little too hard and the presentation choices lacked purpose. Overall though, this is an entertaining, well shot, well-performed(for the most part) film that has a very absurd, sad, and playful plot. Great ending too!

Edit: I am considering going to a 3.5. The film does have a neat aesthetic, the main characters relationship is very intriguing and Billy is such an entertaining character.

Edit: i disagree with a lot of my critiques here now...

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