Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★½

After this much-needed rewatch, as well as my delightful first time watches of the other two instalments of the “apartment trilogy”, I am definitely comfortable calling Polanski the master of horror. If were being honest, I don’t enjoy this one quite as much as the other two. The Tenant and Repulsion are just a bit more my style, with how psychological and surreal the horror is, as well as just (and I could be wrong here) having more interesting ideas. But regardless, this is still such a masterpiece that did so much to further modernize the genre. The quiet and subtle ways Polanski builds an unsettling atmosphere is nothing short of masterful, and I wish desperately that I watched this trilogy before filming my upcoming short, because, while it’s not a horror per se, I would’ve stolen soooooooo much. 


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