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  • Pride & Prejudice

    Pride & Prejudice


    Much better than I remember. Wright's direction is what really makes this work. The script was only good when it was taken from Austen, but the direction makes the film exceed expectations. You could tell when the film strayed from the book and it really declines in quality. Wright has a knack for directing long shots with compelling dancing sequences and character studies. Watching this again makes me want to see more of Wright's work, as it seems he's the primary force that makes this rendition of Pride & Prejudice worth watching.

  • Patrick Melrose

    Patrick Melrose


    Really solidified how great Benedict Cumberbatch is as an actor for me. A tough story to watch with good writing, but what really sells it is Cumberbatch. I really hope he makes it in film because there is a ton of potential for him to do great things. I know there’s The Imitation Game and everything but the franchise work and the less-than-great follow ups put a halt on his film work, I think. Still, I’m so excited to see where he goes next.

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  • Sideways



    I wanted to like this, I really did, but I don’t think this was the right Film for me at this time in my life. Being that it’s centered around a trip to wine country, an activity I’ve never done or had the wish to do, it was already not quite made for my demographic. I went into this knowing that it won many awards for its screenplay, which I give it a lot of credit for, but I ultimately…

  • The French Connection

    The French Connection


    A new favorite of mine. Hands down. That chase scene was spectacular and completely had my attention throughout. In fact, every chase scene - whether on foot, in a car, or in a subway station - was ingenious. The camerawork, choreography, and direction of it all was spectacular and honestly made me smile because I knew it had me from the start of the scene. As a fan of crime films - and I’ve seen a lot lately - this…