Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★

Revenge is always a dish best served cold. But i’d rather a steaming plate of hot coal forced down the opponents throat. 

Do Revenge is Netflix’s newest thriller film with a good cast and the ever so insatiable Maya Hawke who gives a steady performance in a film that is otherwise not good not great but a decent watch on a lazy Monday night. Now i will admit, admits all of the hype surrounding the film i was expecting something revolutionary to transpire whilst watching, but it was just okay. The plot is same old recycled but cheesy good fun, as i love evil people doing bad things as it’s a genre that i will always gravitate towards. But Do Revenge was not good nor great but just a kind and decent watch, with stunning visuals and great costumes, but i think with much high expectations it turned out to only just be a very fair watch, but i do see myself rewatching in the future. 

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