Pulse ★★★½

Fuckin' a... the calm nature in which this film deploys its scares really got to me. Absolutely did not care for how unnerving some scenes were. "The Forbidden Room" for example??? YEAH NO THANKS.
I am someone who is already spooked by the idea of technological hauntings and strange apparitions in shitty VHS footage/digital anomalies, so this really hit home for me. Definitely a Victor film.
Oh, let's not forget the existentialism and the overwhelming sense of sadness that permeates so much of this.

But then the story heads in a direction that felt like a completely different film and it unfortunately lost me. It became repetitive and a slog to sit through, which was a huge bummer for me.

Overall there's a lot in this that I appreciate. Plus the scary bits... they're damn good! I recommend.

"Death was... eternal loneliness."