Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★


Director David Gordon Green strains under the legacy of the undisputed classic set up forty years ago as he tries his ass off to re-contextualize Michael for the modern world. I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing but it is clumsy. It’s just a shame because it seems like he wants to live up to the lore of the original film while trying to be a sequel to his excellent 2018 reboot. 

You may have heard already but this movie is absolutely merciless and brutal. Perfectly nice people get absolutely massacred by Mike. He’s a fucking wrecking ball of death. This part I’m actually okay with, even with how gruesome and cruel he has become. He looks so cool and ghastly with his burnt mask. 

My problem is the obvious dialogue and how stupid the characters are made to fall into obvious traps and take on Michael one to one when they know he’s a fucking monster. Michael is basically a Mortal Kombat character now. That is not anybody I’m trying to stop by myself, I’m fucking running, dude. 

Anyways, I enjoyed a lot of the movie very much. The angry mob is being ridiculed by a lot of the community but I thought it was genuinely moving and upsetting? How quickly an ignorant mob can turn to violence gee like is that so far-fetched and bizarre to see? Nothing is scarier than a group of ignorant people who think they are in the right.

The ending lands with as a big flat dud for me. At the very least it makes me wonder what DGG is up to next because I got no clue where this trilogy is going. That’s a good thing, right?

It’s missing the Halloween aesthetics and vibes but the brutality of a modern slasher is all there. Sometimes that’s all I need. The rest is befuddling. 

October Approved. 

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