Kay Lynch

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Founder of Salem Horror Fest
Producer: Bad Girl Boogey, Saint Drogo, Mass Hysteria
“So queer, it’s scary.” - The Advocate

Favorite films

  • Gilda
  • Cat People
  • After Hours
  • Bound

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  • Red Rooms


  • Lisa Frankenstein


  • Mean Girls


  • The Greatest Love Story Never Told


Recent reviews

  • Drive-Away Dolls

    Drive-Away Dolls


    Apparently Joel Coen is the balancing force in how the comedy works so well in their other films. Some fun moments here but overall: way too try hard. Overindulgent quirk that comes across as a silly, subpar knockoff-off bordering on self parody. That said, I appreciate all the onscreen cunnilingus.

  • Marmalade



    Marmalade is an impressive debut from actor turned director Keir O’Donnell. It takes what seems like a straightforward crime flick and subverts the narrative with subtle lil flourishes throughout. Bonus points for casting the finest man in Hollywood, Aldis Hodge - who is also very good in it.

Popular reviews

  • X



    X delivers. Mean kills. Gnarly gore. Plenty of tits and cock. Ti West returns to form with an authentic recapturing of the late 70s, early 80s grindhouse slaughterfest. People are gonna lose their heads for this one. Don’t miss it.

  • They/Them


    I tried so hard to like it but this was god awful. Several offscreen kills, harmful stereotypes, and one of the shittiest, most unsatisfying endings to a slasher I’ve ever seen.