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  • 12 O’Clock Boys

    12 O’Clock Boys


    Yeah yeah yeah. I still exist.

    This was a was a second time viewing for me. But I hadn’t seen it since it came out. I love it. Beyond the subject matter being absolutely bad ass, this documentary was so well put together it deserves any awards that it received. The cinematography is amazing. It’s just such a great film. 

    I can’t believe that there’s almost a nationwide pandemic of inner city kids storming the streets on dirt bikes and…

  • Mars Needs Moms

    Mars Needs Moms


    I’ve never played Mass Effect but this is what I imagine an hour and a half cut scene from that would be. It would’ve made an alright short but it was about seventy five minutes too long. And they cut Seth Green out of it. He would’ve saved this film. Realistically, the animation was on level of Where The Dead Go To Die. Which was incredible...for a single dude to make without a budget. But this is a Disney film. They shouldn’t do computer animation films without Pixar. 


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  • Cutting Moments

    Cutting Moments


    Cutting Moments really is one of the most important extreme horror shorts. Everything about it is on point. The cast, cinematography, tone, fx, everything about it.  It’s just perfect. 

    I haven’t seen this film in probably fifteen years. I picked up on the weird father-son relationship but I didn’t really put together that that was the actual catalyst of the film. I was probably just focused more on the gore back then. That being said, if this film was poorly…

  • King of Porn

    King of Porn


    I’ve seen this a dozen times now, but every time it hits me more and more that this is what my life is and that the deeper and deeper I go the more like this freak I’m going to be. This dude owns some real junk but then he’s got some impressive stuff. I spent a bunch of time pausing it so I could see what exactly he owns. This dudes organizational methods are bizarre and impractical. 

    I hate myself. …