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  • Battle Royale
  • House
  • Evil Dead II
  • Mother

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  • Sound of Metal


  • Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild

  • Monster Hunter


  • School Radio to Major Tom


Recent reviews

  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    The great lead performances and the immersive approach to sound elevate an already decent drama, though it does get a teensy bit dull at points, and falls off a tad towards the end.

    A good companion piece to Mogul Mowgli, which is rougher round the edges but a stronger film overall.

  • Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild

    Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild

    Hugely unessential even for fans of the series, this very wonky and charm-free mini-movie at least provided a clearer idea of the mythos and objectives of the games than even playing demos of three different iterations and watching the live-action film managed to achieve.

    More thoughts on the Games on Film podcast: soundcloud.com/gamesonfilmpod/84-monster-hunter

Popular reviews

  • Finding Dory

    Finding Dory


    A fairly simple retread of a Pixar film I never really thought much of first time round, so diminishing returns here. When it's cute, it's cute. Though it mostly seems concerned with trying to make you cry every 15 minutes, which is okay as it is set mostly underwater, so they can't see your tears. Which is fine, even if you do feel like you're getting played a bit too much.

    There is one good cameo gag. You know the one I mean.

  • The Day of Destruction

    The Day of Destruction


    A haunting snapshot of 2020, released on what would have been the opening day of the Tokyo Olympics. Japan understandably has a handle on apocalyptic cinema like nowhere else, but Toyoda's film is something extraordinary, arriving mid-pandemic (face-masks abound, the Diamond Princess cruise ship even makes a cameo in the opening montage), capturing the mood with clarity and purpose.

    The Day of Destruction is filled with elemental anger, striking imagery and a no-fucks-given punk attitude, suggesting we'll be too busy…