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  • Roma



    Been on my list for so long as I wanted to experience it with a clear mindset and lots of free time.
    No matter how many adjectives I use, nothing can define this masterpiece.

    I always have a thing for ratings and rankings...it's fun...and Alfonso Cuarón was my 7th favourite director of all time. But now I'm jumping him off to 4th position after Nolan, Fincher and Villeneuve. I might say that Alfonso has more precision than my top 3.…

  • The Father

    The Father


    I watched The Father yesterday and couldn't review it, so I just logged it. The reason being is that I really was not in my mental state after the film ended and I was crying silently while closing my laptop. My mother came to me and asked the reason and I said that I was having a stomach ache and went straight to bed. Even today as I'm having 2 days off I didn't watch any other film. Don't remember…

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  • Anniyan



    It's been 16 years and this 3 hour runtime film still grips me from start to finish.
    One might question the plausibility of the film and the little pinch of misogyny in the script but that's just a little gripe in a fantastic story and the relevance of the story is universal.
    Vikram gives one of the best performance this eyes has ever seen and yes there's an interrogation scene which bugs me wherein the writers tries to tell you…

  • Tumbbad



    3 years of this path breaking horror film from India!

    Tumbbad, named after a coastal village in Maharashtra where it rains all year round, is many things at once. It has elements of horror and fantasy, it’s a monster movie, there’s a search for hidden treasure, and it also works as a parable about the consequences of endless greed. Frankly it’s a lot to take in, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    Director Rahi Anil Barve and co-director Adesh…

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  • Mr. Robot: Decoded

    Mr. Robot: Decoded


    Final Season update..
    Season 1:

    Right from the start the show grips you and I loved the fact that many technical hacking and coding terms are not explained to us easily but we do get around it. I also have been watching review by "Vulture" magazine after watching each episode just to know if I have missed anything. The season won the Golden Globe for best drama for this season and rightfully so. The highlights are Rami Malek, writing, Cinematography,…

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    The Suicide Squad is a beautiful, delightfully gory (never would have thought that I'll use these two words together) anti-hero caper whose strength lies in its direction, acting, plot and a surprising amount of humour.
    Agreed that the 2016 SS did most of the heavy lifting of introducing some characters in this one, but I never felt for them in the 2016 version. Here, many new characters are introduced, but they are so beautifully written that you do actually care…