I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

Such an entertaining film from start to finish & never looses it's energy throughout and that's because of the immaculate editing and direction.

My main concern for this film or any other biographical film for that matter is that whether I'll care for the protagonist and I,Tonya gets full marks for that.

I haven't seen much of Margot Robbie's filmography whereas this my only 2nd film of her after The Wolf of Wall Street to judge her but I know it in my heart that this is her career best performance & she fricking sells it! One of the best performance of that year.
Allison Janney was too good to be true & she deserved that Oscar more than anyone that year.
Special mention goes to Sebastian Stan with his mustache who gave a hilarious as well as a very manic performance & really scares you in some moments but never looses his charm.

My favourite aspect of the film is that it affectionately mocks the sport but never mocks the character of Tonya Harding's story which is so tragic especially in the era of boom of pop culture.

By the end I was rooting so much for her to get through her situations and got a bittersweet but a fulfilling experience & what more do you want from a film!

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