The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★½

Do me a favour and please don't watch any trailer for this film as I think the reason this film failed so badly is due to studio interference and bad promotions.

As I've said it before, if a horror film has a runtime of approx 120mins then it would be a good one because for that length the makers really might have thought about a good plot unlike the plethora of 90minutes horror films which the studios milk as cash cows and we forget about the film as soon as we are done watching it.

This my friends is a mature horror film and not for everyone. One might call it in the genre of cosmic horror, but it also consists of themes like grief, death, cult, etc. There are so many visual cues in the film and it is done so well and quick that it only gets to the one who pays close attention thus the makers respecting it's audience.

The best part about this film is the visuals i.e. the Cinematography, direction, the in between transitions and great editing. There's a transition from a map to a forest which literally made my jaw drop as it was that flawlessly done. The acting is great. The music complements the film very well and the anamorphic lens used for the film gives it a very crooked look this reminding me of another unique film "The Cure for Wellness".

There's a scene in the forest wherein some people and dancing and the way that sequence progressed gave me goosebumps big time. I haven't totally grasped the film yet and I know there are many hints I have missed throughout hence the lower rating, but it is definitely worth your time.

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