The Vigil

The Vigil ★★★

I came to know about this film from Chris Stuckmann's recent video and he is a great YouTuber to review such small indie films which doesn't have much viewership.

I watched this by using a VPN as it's not available in India and had a pretty good time watching The Vigil. For the budgetary constraints that this film had it did an excellent job of using the location to its fullest and it somehow reminded me of The Vast of Night.

The direction by Keith Thomas, Cinematography by Zach Kuperstein, the lead performance by Dave Davis and the special effects are the standouts in this film. The first 2 acts are very suspenseful and really keeps you at the edge. The 3rd act didn't particularly worked for me.

The way the makers use the shadows in this film was excellent and the old lady creeped the fuck out of me. You know in a horror film when the characters don't leave the place even after all the shit and it really bothers us?? Well in The Vigil they did that in a very clever way.

Overall a highly watchable film and don't forget to switch on the subtitles as many dialogues in this are in Yiddish.

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