Lightyear ★★★

Nah no way this is Andy's fav fucking movie so dont even fuckin pretend.

Its not bad , i expected a much worse film but i was invested in it , the 1st act is brilliant but it also has the problem that ruins the entire movie. from the 2nd point forward theres a real lack of drive , and that needed to be set up in the very opening , which is WHY TF DO YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THE PLANET? . Within the first 10 mins its habitable , so why is Buzz dying the skeet outta here? if the planet was somehow bad for the people and it was only Buzz that knew that , it wouldv carried the entire film , but either way there was absolutely 0 drive from the 2nd act. He couldv just stayed on the planet after his 1st mission , we didnt need like 80% of the movie.

Still theres alot i liked , it looked good , some of the scenes were good. overall not terrible , not great. loved the 1st act , charecters were fine , did not like Taika in this it was too distracting and why even..

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