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  • Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid
  • Brewster McCloud
  • Only Angels Have Wings
  • Last Night at the Alamo

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  • The Wrong Mommy


  • Always Be My Maybe


  • Poltergeist


  • Bride of Frankenstein


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  • Poltergeist



    The National Anthem plays over distorted images of Americana, shapes abstracted into a grainy electric fuzz. Only as the song ends, do we get our first clear image: the flag being raised at Iwo Jima. That's the cinema of Tobe Hooper in a nutshell: symbols of America built over the corpses of its people, the nation’s foundation is death itself.

  • Planet of the Vampires

    Planet of the Vampires


    The first images are the void of space crossfading into itself, an endless abyss of black dotted with white stars as a liminal droning reverberates on the soundtrack. Bava-rian outer space is infinite, unknowable, and abstract. Even when get a first sense of narrative bearing within the spaceship, it's a grounding without any concession realism, a celebration of the possibilities of cinematic artifice.

    To a modern audience numbed on the endlessly hedonistic pursuit of "digital realism", this film probably appears…