The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★

What an ensemble of a cast, even the trailer looked pretty promising, but this was a huge misfire for me.

I’m a huge hater of narrators in movies, because usually they serve as an excuse to explain something rather than do the hard work and attempt to show it on screen. Trust the audience a little, they don't need to be told everything the character is thinking and feeling. EXAMPLE (SPOILER): How much cooler would it be, if they have shown Jason Clarke’s character putting the blanks in Sandy’s gun few scenes before the car shootout with Tom Holland, instead of the narrator explaining it afterwards. It would make perfect sense from the way she behaved suspiciously – she clearly wanted to get out of the relationship – that Jason Clarke wouldn't trust her with real bullets. That way the audience could realize microseconds before she got shot, that she actually never had a chance to survive.

Then there's this weird structure and pace of the film, the plot keeps on jumping forwards and backwards in time, sometimes few months, sometimes many years, the lack of order makes everything very chaotic. Also, the way these different storylines got introduced in the film was very messy. Because some of them began and ended right away, but others kind of kept developing until the very desperate attempt to bring them all together in those last 30 minutes.

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