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  • Yojimbo



    This is my first time watching a Kurosawa film. He's heavily mentioned as influences on some of my favorite things and still its taken me so long to finally check out one of his films. Yojimbo seems like a logical place to start since its influence on films that came after it is pretty apparent almost immediately. Its amazing to think that the western genre lifted so much from Kurosawa's Samurai films.

    Yojimbo is a fairly small scale story, but…

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    Its good to see a movie that was shot during the pandemic where the pandemic had no real influence on the story. This movie isn't constantly reminding us we are in the middle of a pandemic. Its just a small scale production that relies heavily on direction and acting.

    Malcolm & Marie is a single location film focusing on just two characters. Its mostly just a very raw argument between a young couple, with many peaks and valleys along the way.…

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  • Jungleland



    I approached Jungleland with caution because I don't really often care for Charlie Hunnam or Jack O'Connell. The poster and synopsis seemed to promise a boxing movie, but the amount of actual fighting in the film is limited. This pair of brothers find themselves deep in debt, and get mixed up in a crime plot while they attempt to travel to a boxing competition.

    Jungleland displays people who are motivated to find success, but seem to make dumb decisions and…

  • Untold: Crimes & Penalties

    Untold: Crimes & Penalties


    Crimes & Penalties seems like at attempt to crossbreed ESPN's 30 for 30 with Tiger King. This documentary is stranger than fiction with more than a handful of colorful characters. Surprisingly, considering I'm a huge hockey fan I was completely unaware of this story, but since the Danberry Trashers were a small minor league franchise they seem to have avoided my radar.

    This production gains good access to the key figures around this crazy hockey team, most notably Jimmy and AJ…

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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    The Rise of Skywalker worked for me after one viewing, but its seems very likely that it will not work for everybody. There is a lot to unpack in this movie. I go to Star Wars movies for the big moments and this film definitely delivered them. I didn't necessary find it to be stuffed with nostalgia like The Force Awakens, but there is fan service aplenty, and that's cool with me.

    The story is definitely a bit all over…

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    Avengers: Endgame is exactly what a MCU fan wants to see. It’s dripping with fan service and huge moments. I never knew what surprise was coming around the corner.

    I would say that the film has plot that is a bit more difficult than Infinity War was, but with a shortened (but still very large) cast they were able to build on the characters a bit more. In a lot of ways it’s a post-apocalyptic movie, and the aftershocks of…