Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

Ready or Not is a really cool blend of genres. Its reminiscent of a few existing movies while still having a story that feels original. When I looked at some of the promo images for this film I assumed it was set in the past, but the set design just makes it look that way. The film is set in the modern day and has some very solid modern dialogue.

Samara Weaving had already shown that she was an up and coming scream queen with some of her past movies, and I continued to really love her here. She has a very fun lead role and she's very easy to root for. She's able to handle the comedic moments as well.

Its not always funny, but the dark humor really works in this movie when its used and it doesn't feel out of place among the horror and violence. It may actually be one of the funnier movies of the year. Ready or Not seems like the type of movie that is destined for a cult following in the years to come. I missed this one at the theater, but I'm glad to see it made a good chunk of money at the box office. If anything that ending deserved more.

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