Us ★★★★½

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With Us, Jordan Peele delivers an undeniably impressive second effort, but when recontextualized with the allegory and deeper meanings contained in the film, it truly stands out as one of the greats in modern horror.

Peele continues to prove he is a pro behind the camera, directing the hell out of this movie. The suspense is very well done without relying on predictable jump scares to grab his audience. He injects the perfect amount of comedy into the film, sprinkling in a ton of unique imagery and incorporating a haunting score which further adds to the chilling atmosphere. The acting is also great with a hilarious Winston Duke and impressive performances from the kids, but the real star here is Lupita. She goes to unimaginable places in this dual performance, portraying a resourceful survivor on one end and a completely terrifying monster on the other. If she gets snubbed like Toni did last year, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.

This film works perfectly well on the surface as an inventive and entertaining horror thrill ride. However, unlike Get Out whose social commentary was easily decipherable, there are so many things in here clearly meant to be symbolic that it becomes pretty frustrating when you can’t figure out what it all means. I do love movies like that though and it will just require multiple viewings to pick up on the director’s full intent. As soon as I got home, I started scouring reddit and reading articles, looking at all the various theories floating around out there and I think I’ve gathered a pretty spot on interpretation of what Peele was going for. It’s essentially an allegory for income inequality in America, and it totally recontextualized and elevated the film to a whole other level for me. I’m working on a spoiler/explained review which I will post after I give the movie another watch.

All in all, Us really surprised me. It wasn’t the scariest movie out there but it’s a smart, unique and special film that I think will get people thinking and talking for many years to come.

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