Suspiria ★★★★½


Those were the words repeating through my mind during one of the single most disturbing & haunting sequences I have seen in a film.

Just like 'Mother!' last year, the average moviegoer will HATE this film. It is already happening. It may not be quite as polarizing as 'Mother!' was, but I am sure people will leave just as frustrated.

This is a very challenging film. From start to finish, there is much to digest, discuss, process, and also much to be disgusted by, shocked by, confused by, and horrified by.

I am still trying to process this film. I believe the highest praise I can give it is very similar to sentiments I felt and voiced towards 'Hereditary' & 'Annihilation": I want to see it again, NOW.

We have received some truly magnificent horror films this year. Anyone who says otherwise must only be watching 'The Nun', 'Slender Man', and 'Truth or Dare'.

In 2018, we have been rewarded with, in addition to the three previous films I mentioned: 'Upgrade', 'Unsane', 'Halloween', 'Mandy', 'The Haunting of Hill House', and we have 'Overlord' this weekend! I am so happy.....

Anyway, I did not award this a perfect score because I need to wrestle with my thoughts more and see it again.

I do NOT recommend this to everyone. I recommend it to people who want challenging and thought-provoking horror. If you want a slasher film, this ain't it, chief.

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