The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★½

This film utterly shattered my expectations for it. Easily one of the best from 2017, I was hooked from the opening scene to the final ambiguous and fleeting moment.

I'm positive I haven't seen a more impressive group of child actors, particularly the young lady who plays Moonee, she damn near brought me to tears. 

Sean Baker is an impressive filmmaker and I NEED to go watch Tangerine now. 

My only issue is there's at least 15 minutes that probably could've been shaved off. It meanders a bit in the first and second acts at times, and, in those moments, I could feel my investment waning a bit. Felt like I could only watch so many scenes of the kids playing. The characters are also utterly detestable human beings. Which isn't necessarily a criticism, really a compliment to the script, direction and performances. It's just much harder to want to watch such reprehensible people a second time. It's similar to American Honey or Never Goin' Back (an A24 film I was privileged to see at a film fest this year) in this regard. 

Willem Dafoe was also a stand out. He hasn't been this great in years. His award nominations were well-deserved. 

Please seek this one out. I'm mad I missed it in theaters.

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