Skyfall ★★★★

In terms of entertainment value, Skyfall surely doesn't disappoint. There's nothing particularly new with regards to action sequences; however, it capitalizes on its various filming locations to not feel repetitive and boring.

Plot-wise, I have no issues with it but I was hoping there would be more spice to James Bond's character. Aside from being badass and fearless, I couldn't find other redeeming qualities about him. Silva (played by Javier Bardem), is a much more interesting character than Bond imo. Casino Royale had some emotional aspects but who knows, maybe they don't want to divert too much on the dramatic side.

Also, Roger Deakins managed to impress me yet again with his artistic touch. Seriously though, this is beautifully shot. The Shanghai scene with glasses, silhouettes, and lighting is well accomplished.

⏪ District 9 (2009)
⏩ Clue (1985)

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