Tenet ★★★★

When Robert Pattinson said "Does your head hurt yet?", I felt that.

Christopher Nolan is back at it again with his confusing time-related concepts, this time he explored inversion in Tenet. I'm not gonna pretend that I fully understand it because it's just too complex of a movie to fully comprehend in one watch. This feels like war meets time travel, courtesy of Dunkirk and Inception.

While the story is extremely convoluted, I still quite enjoyed it. Nolan's visualization of inversion is well crafted and detailed. It is rather mind blowing to see how the scene unfolds both forwards and backwards. The cinematography is incredible as usual. Almost all action scenes are greatly accomplished, especially the freeport scene, the ambush, and the final combat at Stalsk-12. The performances are promising, courtesy of outstanding well-rounded cast.

However, my issue with this film is the extremely loud score that pretty much drown the dialogues at some point. I greatly suggest watching it with subtitles.

Did I like it? Absolutely yes.
Is it Nolan's best film? Probably not.
Inception is still better in my opinion.

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