Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★

Masterfully-crafted, visually-stunning, and absolutely thrilling superhero movie for all ages. I'm really not a comic/superhero movie fan, but this totally changed my mind and exceeded my expectations. This film has all the ingredients of a perfect superhero movie. It's action-packed, the jokes are all on point, it's visually-pleasing, and most of all--it packs so much heart and lessons about friendship.

Chris Pratt boasts this unique charm, and refreshing vigor that really energizes the whole film. Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, and Batista gave their best and it's all totally worth it. Voice acting here is at its finest, really. But the character of GROOT (voice acted by Vin Diesel) just made my day. This tree humanoid steals every scene that he's in, and he's just PERFECT. The whole acting ensemble creates this impeccable, irresistible chemistry which is hugely significant in making this film so thrilling and worthwhile to watch.

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