Lamb ★★½

Valdimar Jóhannsson has a really bonkers idea for Lamb, an under-baked Icelandic drama about a childless couple who discovers a half-human/half-lamb newborn in their sheep barn. This could’ve potentially makes for a much intriguing, richer viewing, but Jóhannsson wastes his promising idea and stays within the limits of his idea. Thus, the whole film never flies and feels an extended short film for no purpose. The cast headed by a talented Noomi Rapace delivers to the story’s miniscule notes. Rapace has a very expansive range, and it’s good to see her back in the game, but this is a missed opportunity. Overall, I got nothing to say for Lamb but the lamb-baby is cute including her fall wardrobe. This is such a disappointment, an incomplete story.

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