Jaws ★★★★★


There’s a small few select group of movies that I condem people for not giving 5/5. This movie is absolutely one of them. I mean, if you don’t give this a perfect score do you even movie?

Anyway this is my first time watching this after growing  more into my appreciation of film and god damn am I happy I re-watched this. My favourite parts about this movie are as most, the editing and score, together both gave me goosebumps during some scenes, and not just once like MULTIPLE times. That’s something that rarely happens to me once during a movie let alone multiple times. Coupled with interesting characters and great performances and you’re left with, just, one of the most iconic(and rightly so) movies of all time. It’s hard for me to look at this movie and not see a pioneer of modern cinema. Everything to say about this movie has already been said so I won’t bore you by repeating other’s words, but if you haven’t seen this movie what are you even doing? Of course the absolute iconic score, the amazing production stories of how everything was going wrong led to a movie that’s so right. Definitely one of my favourite movie scores and, as I said before this time the editing and cinematography really stuck out to me, the intensity and gripping suspense of some scenes really surprised me and gave me the oh so rare bumps of goose. What’s not to love about this movie? There’s even some commentary about weighing people lives against money, and repercussions of your actions, and media influence and false safety, just everything here is a recipe for a perfect movie and it all works and forms a timeless masterpiece that many movies would fail to recreate. Anyway god damn I love this movie.

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